Considered THE LAST ROMANTIC, Alvaro Torres native to El Salvador is
a encyclopedia of feeling. Troubadour nostalgic and true expert
on issues of love and lack of love between couples. Alvaro Torres manages to identify
with its themes those sentimental highs and lows that move us the
corazón. His voice may be the one that whispers in baja voice to your ear or that
desata passion to everything costumes. The music of Alvaro Torres manages to penetrate the
more carnal intimacy or dissolve an overwhelming distance. It is the carrier
of that love that never dies therefore recognized in the whole world as

Alvaro Torres as a man is a simple being, humble of origin and eternal
lover of music and his family. Still being small of stature is
giant of corazón attribute that achieves constancy in the applause of his
public just that applause is what he considers the greatest prize in his
trajectory musical.

For your sales Alvaro Torres has been awarded with Gold discs and
platinum. Among his recognitions están be a member of Lounge of Fame
of the Composers Latinos (LSHOF) La Musa Award Miami Beach 2015,
Best Composer of the Year for BIM Music modules with the album Nothing compares
Contigo (1993), Silver Seagull at the Festival Vineyard del Mar Chile (1991),
Stars Award 8 Street in Miami (2002), Son Meritisimo of the Salvador
by  Assembly Legislative of the Republic of El Salvador (2011).

The last Romantic as it is recognized worldwide also has been
Award nominee Grammy Latinos 2010 in the category Better Album Music
Christian, "in Spanish by Muy Personal, Premio Lo 1955 Zone Video
de Year for Reencounter with Neighborhood Boyzz, Premio Lo Nuestro 1996 Zone
Video of Year by  Stress, Harpa 2010 Award Zone Better Album de
Songwriter by Very Personal.

Their success they transcend borders and are able to win audiences in their
Natal Salvador, Cuba, Chile, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guatemala,
Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Republic Dominican Republic, and Honduras
among others.
Alvaro Torres is defined with simple words which the choose with
caution No It bothers me to be the smallest among the great, nor does it make me proud
be the biggest among the boys; I just have the right size to
be happy."

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