Leonardo Torres Álvarez, better known as Leoni Torres, is a vocalist, composer and producer, cataloged as one of the most important figures of music cubana

Born in Camagüey, the November 24 of 1977, he began his artistic career at a young age, after being evaluated as a singer in the 1998 year, in his hometown.

After his fleeting passage through the group Costa Sur, from Camagüey, in 1999, he entered the Maravillas de Florida orchestra and recorded the CD Vieja, but it remains. His work in this group attracted the attention of David Calzado, who proposed him to join his orchestra as a singer.

For this reason, Leoni joined in the year 2001 to the Charanga Habanera, of which he was part during 7 years. In this period he performed duos and projects with important figures of Cuban music. He also achieved great hits with hits like "Soy Cubano, Soy Popular" and "Ay! There's love". He also toured the world with David Calzado's charangueros and recorded several albums.

However, the Cuban singer decided to give way to a project of his own, for which, his sober and efficient image on the scene, together with his simplicity and mastery of the melody, were the credentials that placed him in the top venues of the popular taste.

Bajo la Piel, his first solo album, earned him to become the revelation singer of the year in Cuba. The album includes 13 pop songs with the presence of Cuban and Caribbean rhythms, as well as the sonority of jazz.

The single "Where are you going?" Became a musical event in Cuba and part of Latin America, in addition to the acceptance reached by the piece "Do not waste time", which in our country has accompanied the campaign to prevent HIV.

For his part, Leoni Torres has placed songs on the national radio charts. Some of his songs are included in the documentary Popular, by the American director Jennifer Paz; in the Cuban-Italian film Un loco dreamer, directed by the Italian Ángelo Rizo; in the Cuban-Spanish film Círculos viciosos, by director Antonio Hens and also in the Cuban feature film Melaza, directed by Carlos Lechuga.

It has won three times the popularity prize called by the television program "Between you and me". Also, from the 2007 to date he has put voice to issues of telenovelas and series of adventures such as: The three Villalobos, Añorado encounter and Here we are. Also in the year 2009 made its first DVD as a producer.

In the 2011 his second album called Latiendo was produced, with which the artist strengthened his solo career and became one of the most recognized figures of contemporary Cuban music.
From the 2014 he developed not only as an interpreter, but also as a composer. Examples of this are the songs: "Traidora", theme of his authorship defended by Marc Anthony and Gente de Zona, with international success, and "Para que un día vuelvas", a work he shares with Pablo Milanés.

Likewise, other topics such as Soledad and Amor Bonito were placed in the popular preference. This last one recorded by Rey Ruiz and also by Charlie Aponte, former member of the Gran Combo group of Puerto Rico, to whom Sergio George made the production.

Among the projects presented by the Cuban musician that same year is the DVD "Desde mí", composed of versions of songs preferred by the singer, such as: "Deja que te falte", by Raúl Paz, "Enséñame", popularized in Cuba by Emmanuel, "Caballo viejo", by Simón Díaz; and "Sobre el oído", a bolero inspired by Arsenio Rodríguez.

After the release of this material directed by Yeandro Tamayo, came the video clip of the song "Soledad": a musical success. The clip in question was one of the most nominated for the Lucas 2016 Awards, as it competed in four categories: Best Production, Best Popular Dance Music Video, Best Art Direction and Most Popular Video of the Year.

In that year he focused on completing his next album that was composed mainly by duos with prominent figures such as Pablo Milanés, Descemer Bueno, Kelvis Ochoa, Pancho Céspedes and Alexander Abreu.

In March of the year 2017 deserved the prize in Best Composition of Tropical Music for the hit «Traidora», delivered in Puerto Rico, as part of the ASCAP Awards, awarded every year by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers to exponents of the Latin music.

For its part, in the twentieth edition of the Lucas Awards, it won the Popularity Award for its video clip "Te Pongo a bailar", by the director Yeandro Tamayo Luvin. This award, one of the most important of the event, is a recognition of the public that votes through different platforms for the audiovisual of their preference.

This recent Valentine's Day, Leoni gave his fans, "The things I ask you", a theme that was very well received. Leoni Torres is involved in the promotion of his latest single "Me Quedo contigo", a song that was released in May. He is also focused on the production of his second DVD and his fourth album.

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