Roberto Riverón Better known as Robertico is a Cuban humorist. He was born in the municipality of Banes Holguín province, the June 6 of 1970 in Cuba. His repertoire consists, among others, mainly by the "stand up comedy", distinguished by improvisation and mental agility that show everyday experiences, family, work and sexual problems. He has worked in theater, radio, cinema, television and cabaret. He has taken Cuban humor to more than 15 countries and more than 50 cities. He has won numerous awards inside and outside Cuba. He is currently a member of UNEAC. As a child he moved with his family to the capital where he graduated as a lawyer and at the beginning of the 90 began his artistic career, venturing into the genre of comedy. Between 1994 and the 2001, together with his colleague Carlucho, he formed the Los Bufomaníacos duo, breaking all the humorous schemes that had existed in the country until now. The duo, winner of several festivals and national awards with this project, makes its first international tour in Medellín, Colombia. From the 2001, Robertico continues as a soloist, visiting major cities in Latin America, Europe and recently the United States, where he arrives with his first tour in the 2011. His first tour in the US is limited to the state of Florida only. In the 2012 he returns to the US, this time performing in Kentucky, Las Vegas and New Jersey. He considers that he inherited the grace of his father, Guillermo, the town's joke counter, and remembers that since he was a child, naturally, with his stories he made everyone laugh. Although he is considered by colleagues as a great actor equally in the dramatic realm, Robertico has not hesitated for a moment in his inclination to comedy. "A smile costs nothing and produces a lot," says Robertico, referring to Gandhi's phrase, and extends: »A smile does not take away from the one who gives it or saddens the one who receives it. Not only is Robertico's success limited to his artistic career, he is also a successful businessman. He runs his own club in the city of Havana, where he also performs often, when he is in the country. 3D Café, as the famous place is called, is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious clubs in the capital.

On the outskirts of the 3DCafé about to start the Robertico 11 show: 00pm. The demand for his show internationally is proof that Robertico's show is not limited to the Cuban public or Cuban roots, but can be enjoyed by any Spanish speaker. In his personal life, the artist considers himself very different from what he is on stage. He describes himself as hyperactive, dominant and very distrustful. Admire honesty, fidelity and modesty in human beings. He does not tolerate lying He is very demanding and perfectionist. Among the great figures of the comedy, he respects and admires who for him is the greatest of his country in the whole world, Guillermo Álvarez Guedes.Although he considers that his greatest achievement is having been able to bring Cuban humor to so many places that he had never before arrived and triumph outside his native country, Cuba has been the cradle of his successful career. The artist has expressed that he would not leave his country at this time, when the country also faces a series of changes and openings that indicate a future of progress. He admits, however, that it has not been easy in terms of the needs that exist in Cuba. The famous comedian has managed to move forward and establish himself based on hard work and discipline. In full stage of development and growth internationally, Robertico is already considered a lucky man despite not yet having achieved all his career goals and have a long way to go.

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